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  Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
What is Bio-identical Hormones?

Natural or Bio-identical hormones are synthesized from natural plant substances to be identical in structure and function to those our bodies produce naturally before menopause. Progesterone - Not "Progestin" is the natural Hormonal Balancer of Estrogen. Unhealthy levels of Estrogen can lead to strong risk of breast cancer and reproductive cancers as well as emotional changes and skin changes.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy are an exact match to the hormones produced by the human body. Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are the primary hormones of all females. Bio-Identical hormones are a natural approach to replacing the hormones that woman stop producing during menopause.

Synthetic hormones are not recognized as easily by the body and cause many side effects. Bio-identical hormones are found in soy beans and wild yams. These bio-identical natural hormones can be converted into the exact hormones that the female body makes. The human body recognizes these natural bio-identical hormones the same as if they were produced by the ovaries, or adrenal glands.

The advantage to bio-identical hormones is that they are natural, and our bodies can metabolize them. Natural bio-identical hormones can be matched individually to each woman’s needs making them far more effective than synthetic hormones. Bio-identical hormone therapy has been used by the medical profession for several decades. It has been proven safe and very effective.

As we age our bodies gradually produce less hormones. The hormones that we need to stay young and healthy are produced less and less as we age. Infact, the aging process that we experience is directly caused by the decrease in our hormone production levels. The proper balance of hormones in our bodies is important to our health and well being. Bio-identical therapy helps to maintain this critical hormonal balance in the body as we age.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is the replacement of hormones that are normally produced by the body, so the hormones are biologically identical in structure and in function. Only when the hormones exactly match the hormones produced by the body will they have the same effect. Using bioidentical hormones that are derived from wild yams and soy plants are formulated to be exact matches to the hormones produced by the body and will have the same effect as your own hormones.

Oils from wild yams and soy plants are extracted according to specific guidelines and are then converted into bioidentical hormones in pharmaceutical laboratories. A compounding pharmacy can customize the natural hormones to meet the individual's needs.

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is used in pre-menopause, post-menopause, and premenstrual syndrome. When using bio-identical hormone replacement therapy during these times will lessen the effects and the declines that these hormones experience. The prescribed replacement amounts are based on the levels acquired with the blood testing.

The balance between estrogen and progesterone are essential to maintain good health. To promote good health, hormones in the body must be produced in adequate amounts and must be balanced. To help promote your good health, Dr. Tompkins would like you to contact him today online or by phone. Dr. Tompkins cares about your health and well being.

Both estrogen and progesterone hormones decline as women age. The progesterone in a women's body will decline more quickly than estrogen. As declining estrogen hormones begin women will start to experience hot flashes and vaginal dryness. When this occurs progesterone is no longer being produced by the ovaries. Even though estrogen levels are declining the absence of progesterone causes estrogen levels to dominate because there is no longer progesterone to help balance the estrogen levels. This imbalance of estrogen levels not being balanced can cause many unpleasant results namely, irritability, depression, heavier periods, fibrocystic breast disease, insomnia, bone loss, increase in body fat, breast cancer, and cancer of the uterus.

Because an imbalance of hormones can be a serious health risk to you, Dr. Tompkins feels it is important to have your hormone levels checked. The procedure is safe, and easy to perform. Taking just a few minutes of your time to have your hormone levels tested can ease your symptoms, make life more enjoyable and help prevent serious health risks.


For Females

Hot Flashes
Night Sweats
Mood Swings
Tender Breasts
Decreased Libido
Weight Gain
Ovarian Cysts
Bleeding Changes
Foggy Thinking
For Males

Hot Flashes
Sleep Disturbances
Decreased Libido Burned
Memory Lapse
Mood Swings
Foggy Thinking
Weight Gain
Decreased Urine Flow Anxious Deceased Erections

Dr. George Tompkins cares about your health and well being. Dr. Tompkins is trained in Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and minor cosmetic surgeries and procedures. Contact Dr. George Tompkins today online or by phone.

  Cholesterol Support by Spirit Medical
  • More naturally lower your cholesterol
  • Alternative for those who are intolerable to statins drug
  Cholesterol Support is a dietary supplement to support cardiovascular function and the maintenance of cholesterol levels within normal range.

Specialized line of dietary supplements




  • Eases stress or hormone related adrenal exhaustion
  • Supplement for deficiencies leading to chronic fatigue
  • Aid in weight loss and boosts metabolism
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